Welcome to Homeschooling On A Homestead. My name is K.T. I am a homeschooling mom and mom of four. Why did I choose the name “Homeschooling On A Homestead”? We moved to a small “farm” in 2021 and have been a homeschooling family for over three years. I get asked frequently on how I manage it all. I decided to create a blog to share my homeschooling ideas, managing motherhood and how we combine homesteading with school. I cannot wait to share everything with you.


  1. Hi KT! Just found your blog and am excited to read some entries! I am on a small-ish farm as well and am seriously thinking about homeschooling when my eldest hits entry age- I have about two years to plan that out. Any advice on a dual nationality curriculum? That is my primary reason for wanting to do it, also, being on the farm. We live in Ireland, but I am American. I really want my kids to know the loads of American history I was taught growing up… do you think it would be too overwhelming to try to incorporate both curriculums? Cheers! Robin


    • Hello! It is so cool that you live in Ireland now. I would check your local homeschool regulations to start there for planning. You can also start homeschooling at preschool age (roughly age 3) if you want to get a “head start”. We have in the past completed specific units on other countries and their government which my kids have enjoyed. They were not confused at all about learning two separate governments around the same time. I have a review on Gather Rounds Australia unit if you want to check it out. I would first start figuring out yours and your childrens teaching/learning style. After that I would map out a general idea on what you want to complete in one year. If you want to do Irish and American history, that is 100% possible. We personally do one curriculum 4 days a week and another curriculum the rest of the week. You could have a similar set up where you do everything that you need for Ireland standards four days a week and the other day or days you could do American history. You can also order American curriculum online in either digital format or a physical copy. I know Gather Round offers a digital copy of American history. We personally are not religious and still use Gather Round. I know it is a religious type curriculum, but it is possible to skip over the Bible pieces if you choose to. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Have a great day.

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