Our Homeschool Schedule

What is our homeschool schedule? Our homeschool schedule is simple and does not follow strict time or extreme structure. We complete school when we get to it during the day. It’s the beauty of homeschooling. There is no 7 am bell or 3 pm dismissal, we complete everything in a few hours. Some days, it only takes an hour or two. I homeschool a soon-to-be first grader (he finishes kindergarten in a few weeks), my kindergartener, and a preschooler. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we do Bookshark level A with my soon to be first grader and kindergartner. They share Level A history and science. For English, my first grader does Bookshark level B. LA and All About Reading Level 1. For math, he is currently doing Good and The Beautiful Math. My kindergartner is doing Bookshark Level A LA and for math, he is doing Good and The Beautiful. On Fridays we do a lesson out of a unit study from Gather Round and finish any loose ends for the week. Our current unit study is Australia since my oldest requested it. 

For my preschooler we do lots of play and speech therapy three times a week. My preschooler was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech in 2021. The only “formal” homeschool we do with our preschooler is any work sheets he wants to do out of the morning basket. I believe at the age of 3, learning should primarily be done through interactions and having fun instead of workbooks. 

Does our homeschool schedule ever change? Yes, it does! A few months ago, my homeschool schedule was completely different. We recently switched to this schedule because my oldest finished kindergarten quicker than we anticipated. I will do an updated homeschool schedule in the future if it changes again. Do you have a strict homeschool schedule or are you more relaxed about when school gets completed?

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