What is a Morning Basket?

Gather Round UniT & Books

Morning Baskets, what are they and are they needed? Morning baskets can mean something different for everyone. Some families have games, bible curriculum, or read-a-loud in their basket. Whats in ours? Well, it changes over time. As a mom with a budding first grader, kindergartner, preschooler, and toddler; our morning basket is not completed in the early morning. Currently our morning basket is started in the late morning and sometimes done in the early afternoon. Right now we have our current read-a-loud and our shared subjects. My budding first grader and kindergartner currently share Bookshark Level A history and science together. On Fridays, I add either a book or art & craft that goes with our Gather Round Unit that we do as a family. If you are curious about our Homeschool Schedule, I have a post that explains more on our daily homeschool schedule.

Do I think a morning basket helps in our homeschool setting? Personally for us, yes! It gives my kids a routine about what is expected when we start school for the day. Afterwards, my kids know that individual subjects are completed. My kids have a few subjects that they do separately, which is Math & English. We try to do as many subjects as possible as a family as possible since it is important to us.

What about the younger kids? My preschooler and toddler have their own basket which is mainly arts & crafts or preschool pages that can be completed without me. A lot of times my preschooler ends up listening to our read-a-loud and sometimes sticks around for history & science stories or experiments. My youngest usually ends up going to go play in the play room while everyone is completing school. Is a morning basket needed for younger kids? Personally for us, it is not needed. But, we have one to keep everything organized and my younger kids know what they are allowed to use without asking. 

How long does a morning basket take? Morning baskets can be as short or as long as you make them out to be. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our morning basket takes between one to one and a half hours long. On Fridays, our morning basket takes an hour or less because we do not do Bookshark on Fridays. 

Do you have a morning basket for your homeschool? What’s in your morning basket? Comment below!

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