Reading aloud? What is it and why is it important?

Some of 2022 Read Aloud Books

When someone says, “read aloud” what do you think of? Do you picture someone sitting outside while kids sit in a circle and listen to a story? I know in my home that’s not the case. I wish my kids would sit quietly outside and listen to a story. Typically this is how reading aloud happens in my house; we pick a chapter book and read one chapter while my kids are coloring. This keeps their hands busy while they listen. Afterwards, we will discuss what we listened to.

Why is reading aloud important? It helps children of all ages learn basic language skills and comprehension skills. Reading aloud helps with listening skills as well. All these skills combined help children learn how to read and be able to tell stories. Do you have to read aloud for your homeschool? No! It is not required and it doesn’t work with every family. Not reading aloud, does not make you any less of a homeschooler. Everyone can homeschool in their own way. Do you have read alouds in your homeschool class?

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