How I Plan A Homeschool Year In Advance

2022-2023 School Year Planning Binder

Planning the homeschooling year used to be straight forward until COVID-19 hit. Personally where I live, restrictions are still in place depending where you live. So, how do I plan a homeschooling year with covid restrictions? We homeschool year round which means that August-June we do our children’s “grade” and in July/August we either introduce the next grades concepts or finish anything that we did not complete. For 2022, our school year looks quite different. My oldest flew threw kindergarten school work, while my other kindergartener is still on track to finish level K later this year. Also, my third child will be starting preschool curriculum this fall. I have our school year set up by having a giant five inch binder with everything in it. I have dividers that have each month from January 2022 to the middle of 2023. In those dividers, I have more dividers that keep track of what we are doing each week. An example for February 2022, I had all of our Australian Unit teachers guide and the student work sheets. Another example is March 2022, I have dividers that say one through four, which represents four weeks. I know some months have five weeks, but if there is a fifth week in a month we take that week off. Behind tab one, I have one weeks worth of curriculum for all the kids which includes all the teacher guides and work sheets and for tab two, its the same thing except for the second week of the month. This process repeats itself through out the whole year. We have field trips snd socialization planned out through the month and we plan very little field trips in advance due to COVID-19 restriction changes. 

Does it take me a long time to plan majority of our school year in advance? Nope! It took me roughly a week to plan everything out. Bookshark already has everything divided into weeks and I randomly pick a Unit study we will complete that month. I also have all our read aloud books planned out too which I try to coordinate with our unit study. For any extra curriculum we use, I typically do on Friday in our morning basket. I write everything down in my binder and once we complete the work, I write it down in my planner. The reason I organize it this way is so when I fill out our quarterly reports, I can write down everything we did. Randomly through out the year I will do a month long unit study to break up the pace. An example is for December 2022, we have a whole entire dinosaur unit planned while we finish up any mid year loose ends. That means all of 2022, I can collect dinosaur related items and will not be stressing out in November that I forgot to plan for the unit. 

I personally love planning homeschooling this way, so I always know what we are doing next. I use a binder that I can easily adjust incase we rabbit hole down certain topics and get “off track.” How do you plan your homeschool year? 

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  1. […] Hole punch or bind all the guides. We personally hole punch our guides since I try to keep all paper curriculum in one binder. After we are done with the Teacher guide, it will go in our Gather Round binder that holds all our units we have completed. Since we are using this unit soon, this is when I break apart the teacher guide and split it into my main binder. Gather Round Units have twenty lessons. For Living Off The Land we will be completing it during end of April, May, and June. I have ten weeks planned for this unit and each week we will be doing two lessons. I do have Fridays planned for Gather Round, but we can finish anything we did not complete and finish it on Saturday and Sunday. I have a post about my main binder here: […]


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