Reverse Record Keeping, What Is It?

22/23 Plum Paper Planner

Record keeping is important in homeschooling. Have you ever heard of reverse record keeping? Reverse record keeping is when you write everything down that you completed that day. 

This is how I personally do it with four kids. I have a plum paper planner (not sponsored) and I have 7 sections for the week. The top section is for appointments, the second section is for college assignments that I have due, the next four sections are each of my kids names and the last section is work related. After we complete a homeschooling day, I write down what each kid completed. An example is on February 5, my oldest completed his government book. Next to his name under the date, I wrote the details. This is incase if I ever need to go back for information.

How do I plan everything that I want to get done? I put everything I want to get done in my giant mom binder. This way if we complete two or three days of math lessons, it will not throw off my record keeping planner. Reverse record keeping has kept everything organized for us and it’s okay if we finish our to do list early. How do you keep track of everything you complete during a homeschooling day? 

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