How I Create a Unit Study

Every month we study a new mini topic, today I am going to tell you how I make my Health unit study. In the past, I have bought unit studies from other curriculum places like The Good and The Beautiful or Masterbooks. I decided to create my own, so I am able to cover topics that I want to talk about like healthy eating or self care. To make my health unit study, I went to to find specific activities to do. I also have a ton of body books from Usborne books like the shine a light series and general body books. Another activity I like to add is games and I have a healthy eating game where kids can put magnetic food on a plate to show me what they think a “balanced” meal is. This unit study will be completed every Friday and the kids can choose which activities they want to complete that day. Do you have mini studies in your homeschool? How do you choose the topics? 

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