5 Tips To Save Money While Homeschooling

How much it costs to homeschool is dependent on each family. For a larger family, it could be more expensive than a smaller family. Here are 5 ways to save money while homeschooling.

1. Plan out what curriculum works for your family. Finding out what kind of homeschool style your family prefers can save you a ton. Masterbooks may work for one family who uses a Charlotte Mason approach, but may not work for someone who wants secular work only.

2. After you find out what curriculum you want, join their buy sale trade groups on Facebook and this can typically save you money.

3. Look at FREE recourses like Easypeasy or free recourses on teachers pay teachers.

4. For families with multiple kids in the same grade, see if it’s possible to photocopy extra work sheets for kids in the same grade instead of rebuying multiple copies of the same workbook.

5. Usually once or twice a year many curriculum companies will go on sale which is when it is beneficial to stock up and plan for the next year.

What tips do you have for saving money while homeschooling?

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