When Should Formal Education Start?

There is always one debate in the homeschooling community and it’s “when should formal education start?” Some families believe it should start as young as three and other families believe kids are okay to wait until they’re seven or eight. Is there a right answer though? Short answer no there isn’t. What works for one family will not work for another family. It’s okay to do a formal preschool program, but it’s also okay to let your preschooler explore and learn what they want. Every child learns at their own pace and every child has strengths in one area and struggles in another. 

Here are some reasons why a family might choose a formal education at a young age:

-The family plans on sending their child to public school in the future and wants their child to follow the public school system.

-To help create a routine during their day

-Education is a key block to their family values

Here are some reasons why a family might hold off on a formal education at a young age:

-The family has multiple children in different grades and they want to create simplicity in their life

-They unschool and do not use “formal” education like textbooks/work books with their children

-The family believes that children should be children and use playing as a way to learn instead of formal education.

When do you think formal education should start? Do you start at a young age or wait until your child is older?

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