Can You Homeschool & Work?

Many families want to homeschool, but parents who work may feel that it is not an option for them. It is possible to homeschool and work full time or part time. School work does not need to be completed during the day. You can do school work in the afternoon, at night, or weekends. Many “boxed” curriculum also only have a four day week like Bookshark. There are also other options like hiring help or teaching your children to do their school work independently without you. Here is a night time schedule that we follow on occasion:

-Get ready for the afternoon (afternoon chores)

-Prep for dinner


-Get ready for bed

-Complete all non reading work like math or science 

-Read LA books and answer questions as we wind down for bed

-Clean up & go to sleep

-While the kids are asleep, I will grade any work and get ready for the next day

We try to end on read aloud books or LA books to help wind down and use as a transitioning tool. It is easier for kids to go to sleep after listening to a story and answering basic questions instead of a science experiment. When do you complete your school work as a working family?

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