Our Homeschool Space

When a lot of families start homeschooling, many mothers (or fathers) picture a perfect classroom in their house. Over the years as a homeschooler, our homeschool area has changed many times. We have had had a dedicated classroom to a bookshelf. I prefer the Pinterest worthy classroom, but realistically our homeschool area is my desk with bookshelves on each side. We do this because we typically homeschool on our couch instead of a desk. Could this change over time? Yes, as our kids get older and we have more than three kids in school we may have our “classroom” back. Do we need a classroom to homeschool? Nope! We have flourished fine without a typical “classroom” and the couch works for us. How do I stay organized? All our school work is organized by categories on my desk or bookshelf. We have a lot of school curriculum since we currently teach three grades and are preparing for future grades. That is the one factor why we may bring back our classroom since we need the space once our fourth starts preschool and any future kids start school. Do you have a “classroom setting” or where do you homeschool?

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