What Is Your Letter of Intent/LOI?

When you first start homeschooling, you probably heard of needing to turn in your “letter of intent.” A LOI (letter of intent) is a document that you turn in no later than two weeks after you start homeschooling. You send it to your local school district, but please call to see where you send it since it varies on district. The document states your information, child’s information and that you plan on homeschooling and when you will be sending in your IHIP & Quarterly Reports. Please review each of your states homeschool regulations to make sure everything you need is included. HSLDA.org is a fantastic recourse to use to look up state regulations and getting help with any documentation you may need. Every year your LOI needs to be turned in and I recommend keeping a copy on your laptop incase you ever need it. How do you organize all your homeschool paperwork that you need to hand in?

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