What Is Your Individualized Home Instruction Plan/IHIP? 

The IHIP is a required documentation to homeschool and handed in after the LOI (letter of intent). The IHIP is sent to the same place your LOI was sent typically (please verify with your local district). The IHIP has the student information such as name, grade, and when you plan on handing your quarterly reports. It also states all the curriculum you plan on using throughout the year and what subjects you plan on covering. Please research what your state requires since every state is different. Some families like to generalize what they use through out the year incase a certain curriculum doesn’t work out and other families like to be specific in the IHIP. After you hand in your IHIP, your district will make sure it is following all the requirements you need. Please use HSLDA.org as a recourse for any help you need with your specific state. 

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