What Are Quarterly Reports?

Quarterly reports is documentation that you send in four times a year to your local district. The dates you send the paperwork in is the same dates you wrote in your IHIP. Quarterly reports are quarter one, quarter two, quarter three, and quarter four. In each quarterly report you write everything you complete during that time period. I personally write each subject, then next to that the specific curriculum that we finished and then next to that I will write a blurb of topics we covered in a chart like format. This makes it clear to make sure we are on track to finish everything by the end of the year. Many families will use a list like format instead of a chart format. We use the document from HSLDA.org. I also will email the quarterly report to keep a paper trail incase for some reason we need it for future reference. What tips and tricks do you have for new homeschoolers for quarterly reports?

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