Gather Round Australia & The Oceania Unit Review

My oldest son loves Australia and requested to complete the Gather Round Australia & Oceania Unit for his work between Kindergarten and First Grade. I ordered the digital version and printed the Teacher guide & Early Reader guide. After completing the Unit, I wish I printed out the Pre Reader instead. He was five at the time and learning how to read. The Early Reader edition was too advanced for a new reader in my opinion since it required more writing than my son was used to. He enjoyed the content like learning about the different culture, food, and types of animals. He was less interested in learning about the government since it isn’t his favorite subject to learn about. The Australia Unit is perfect for families who have second graders and above, but I would be hesitant to do it with a Kindergartner/First Grader again due to the amount of writing that was required. My opinion most likely would have changed if I gave my son the Pre Reader Guide since it is less writing and more coloring/discussion. Also, one thing I wish I knew is the Teacher Guide needs to be printed in color to experience the beautiful colors of the land and flags. I did not see this recommendation when I went to go print everything out. Overall this unit study is very thorough and covered everything you would need to know. There was very little I needed to add. We did add Izzy Koala from Netflix and a few Australia Animal books since that is what my son is interested in. This whole unit took between three to four weeks to complete and that’s doing one lesson a day for five to six times a week. There is twenty lessons in total. Each lesson took about an hour to complete and that includes reading the whole lesson, completing the work pages, discussing anything we wanted to dive deeper in. Gather Round Units are perfect to either do by themselves or to blend in with other curriculum. We use Gather Round in both ways and personally for the Australia Unit I would do it separately alone since it is information intensive versus a dinosaur or health unit. I give Gather Round Australia Unit a 7/10 rating. It is a wonderful unit with a ton of information, but the Early Reader guide is too much for a Kindergartner and I would recommend the Pre Reader guide instead.

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