The Unspoken Feeling: Am I Failing My Kids?

Discouragement, doubts, and second thoughts are feelings that nearly every homeschooling parent has felt. It is hard not to compare your child to another child or think, “Am I doing enough?” I am here to tell you that you are doing enough and what you are experiencing is normal. It is nearly impossible to fail at homeschooling because everything can be a learning experience. Baking, cooking, gardening, etc can all be turned into math or science. Half a cup of milk and one cup of oil is how many cups in total or if you are doubling a recipe, how many eggs do you need? Homeschooling does not need to look like textbooks and tests. It can look like that if you choose to homeschool that way, but it can also look like field trips to the local museum or going on nature walks. As a mom who has homeschooled before homeschooling became the “new” normal due to COVID-19, I highly suggest glancing at the requirements by your state and ignoring what your neighbor is doing with their child(ren). All children learn at their own pace and have different strengths and weaknesses. This is the same for public school, not every child can read or write their name when they enter Kindergarten. Public schools do not think, “Are we failing this child?” They give the child extra help until they do not need it anymore. Your child may not be able to read at the age of five, six, or maybe seven years old. This does not mean you are failing your child, it means reading is not their strong area. Your child may be a grade or two ahead in math, that is their strength. That is okay because as a homeschooling family, you can focus on reading in a way that your child enjoys and give them math work that fits the level they need. This helps a child not become frustrated or bored because they will be doing school work that helps them thrive. Everything you are doing with your child will help them thrive as an adult. Use this time to explore what your child is interested in and set them up to be successful for what they want to do as an adult. You are enough for your child(ren) and remember, your feelings are valid. 

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