What About Socializing? Five Tips To Help Fulfill Your Childs Social Emotional Need

Many people have heard “what about socialization?” Social emotional skills are vital as kids grow up and there are many ways to fulfill this need. Socialization can happen during play dates, co-op, sports, camps, etc. We try to keep at least one day a week open for play dates and we are part of a few homeschool groups where there are field trips planned. Here are five tips to help kids with their social emotional needs:

  1. Join your local homeschool groups on Facebook and connect with other families
  2. Check if your district is homeschool friendly and can connect you to homeschool recourses that they are aware of.
  3. Look into your local co-op and see if its a good fit for your family. Co-ops are typically one day a week. There are many types of co-ops like Forest School which is typically nature based.
  4. Find literature that encourages many types of social aspects like differences, how to handle emotions, and what to do in situations. Literature is an amazing way to help kids understand many different topics. Social stories are used many times in schools or therapy to help kids with social emotional needs. Reading is an engaging way to get children to learn.
  5. Join an extra curricular activity or see if your town has activities for homeschool families. Our local town has meet ups for the homeschool community which gives families the opportunity to connect.

With all these tips it is important to remember to not stress about “socialization” too much. Kids naturally gravitate to making friendships with neighbors, kids they see at the park, etc. It is better to give your children time to explore and learn on their own than fill their schedule with too many activities. There are socialization opportunities everywhere and socialization can happen at any time. What socialization tips do you have?

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