Burnout Happens And That Is Okay

Around March and April you will hear families talk about “burnout” in the homeschooling community. It happens to everyone at any moment and it doesn’t have to be during end of the school year. Burnout happens due to the expectations we place on ourselves while planning our homeschool year. Kids can go from thriving to struggling. Motivation starts to lower since end of the school year is approaching or there are outside factors impacting the kids. It is okay to step back when you feel burnout happening in your household. Going from five days of lessons to three days of lessons won’t cause the world to end or your children to fall behind. It is also okay to suddenly put a “hold” on the school year for a week or two. That gives parents and children to become excited about the school work they will go back to. Cleaning your homeschool room or organizing your materials is a great way to create a “fresh” look to help bring excitement back. Spend that time off to create ways to bring back the excitement like poetry tea time or add in a game day. Remember at the end of the day this is a feeling that every homeschooling family feels. You are not failing or doing anything wrong, embrace the burnout. Take time off, regather, and go back to homeschooling when your family is ready.

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