Homeschooling All Year Vs Taking The Summer Off

This has been a topic that many families discuss when they first start homeschooling. Are they going to homeschool all year round vs homeschooling between August-May/September-June? We personally homeschool all year round since it’s what makes sense for our family. Here are the pros and cons of homeschooling all year round:


  1. Can take off for a break when needed and don’t have to worry about falling behind
  2. Can go more in depth on topics that interest their children and do not have time restraints.
  3. Able to fit more than one grade in a year or able to stretch out a grade and focus on topics your child struggles with. I have one child who completed Kindergarten and started First Grade in the 2021-2022 school year. I have another child who is spending the whole year and summer doing Kindergarten work since he needs to focus on certain concepts longer.

Cons of homeschooling all year round:

  1. It can take longer to plan if you do not plan in advance. We normally end up planning in December or January and plan the whole year. 
  2. Depending on your children’s age, they will notice other kids outside in the summer and not in school which can cause issues for some households. 
  3. Some kids need a “summer vacation” or they could burn out. 

Does homeschooling all year round sound like a good fit for your family? Here are some pros/cons of following a typical public school schedule:


  1. There is already built in days or months off which can make planning events/vacations easier
  2. If you plan on sending your kids back to public school at any point, they will be used to the schedule.
  3. You can spend the whole summer planning next years curriculum


  1. It is easier to get off track and not finish everything you had planned. Typically there is only 36 weeks in a school year which does not give much time to go in depth on many topics. 
  2. Kids can forget concepts over longer periods of time off
  3. Sometimes curriculum can finish before the school year is over and it can lead to gaps in subjects. 

Does following a “public school” schedule sound like a good fit for your family? Which schedule does your family follow?

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