Bookshark Level A Review: The First Few Weeks

I am going to be reviewing the first few weeks of Bookshark Level A with First Grade LA. Bookshark is a secular curriculum and each week is broken in four days. We pair Bookshark with All About Reading and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy lessons. The reason we are heavily LA based is because we use reading as our foundation for school. I have two children currently completing Bookshark Level A with different Language Art levels. We break down the day by each child completing their own individual language art subject before we do group subjects. For First Grade LA by Bookshark, the basics are broken down into Handwriting Without Tears, Explode the Code (optional), spelling, and readers. We personally do not use Explode the Code since we use All About Reading and Teach Your Child to Read. We modify writing and complete one page a day since it works better for our family instead of a few times a week like the schedule says. The spelling and readers go hand in hand with each other. For week one, they are learning how to spell “at” words like “cat or Pat” and the readers use many of the words they’re learning how to spell. Group subjects include history and science. My six and five year old both enjoy the group subjects. For history there are poems and readers. For the first few weeks the main reader is “The Boxcar Children.” Each day the parent reads aloud a chapter and afterwards there are questions to answer. For poetry it is one page and goes between two books depending on the day. Their poetry piece would be fantastic to read during Poetry Tea Time since all the questions and poem are already planned for the parent. The other reader is typically a history book where the children are learning the basics and background of history. We typically pair the page of history and the questions with a YouTube video to keep my kids engaged. History takes about thirty minutes to complete. For science the first three days are reading and completing a worksheet. The last day is typically a science experiment and watching a science video. My kids favorite part so far has been learning about the weather. I do wish the science subject was more interactive on most days since my youngest has a harder time to sit still. Science takes us less than twenty minutes to complete. After we complete our Bookshark group subjects, we will move onto any other subjects. Overall Bookshark Level A is a fantastic program and I cannot wait to see how it progresses as the weeks go on. 

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