Are Schedules Important?

From the minute children are born we hear how important schedules are. Sleep schedules, feeding schedules, and daily schedules are talked about frequently in the parenting community. Are schedules important when it comes to homeschooling? That depends on your family and what works for you. Flexibility in daily life is important and can help kids understand that events can occur unexpectedly and teach coping skills when something doesn’t go their way. There are three types of schedules that many homeschoolers use:

  1. Each subject is completed during a specific time during the day.
  2. A list of the school work is created daily and there is a nonspecific time when it needs to be completed by, as long as it is done by end of the day.
  3. Everything that needs to be completed by the end of the week is written down and the children write their own schedule and finish the work by a specific day. 

Each type has pros and cons and works depending on what your children need. For the first method it is used many times in public schools and can help kids know what comes next. This can help children who need strict schedules and need something to follow to reduce anxiety. The main con for this method is that it is easier to fall behind on certain subjects if an event that is not planned happens. For the second method it gives children some flexibility and responsibility. Some children thrive on knowing what needs to be completed in that day and able to figure out when they want to do their work. Personally we use this method to a certain degree because my children are able to prioritize what they want to do first in the day and gives us flexibility if we have any appointments. The main con for this method is each night or morning, the parent has to write a list of what they would like to accomplish and if they do reverse planning, write down everything that was finished. This can take time out of the day depending on how many children are being homeschooled. I have a post going more in-depth about our homeschooling schedule which I will link below. The last method that is frequently talked about is giving children a list of everything that needs to be done by a certain date. This method is fantastic for busy families and children who are older. Children are able to be more independent and learn how important it is to manage their time. Some children will finish all their work early, so some days they don’t have any work to complete. Other children will wait last minute to complete their work. The main con for this method is in the beginning it is very parent intensive because you’re going to have to teach your children how to manage their time and the consequences if they do not complete everything. 

So, is schedules important for homeschooling? In my opinion, yes they are important to a certain degree. It can teach children what to expect, how to break up time, and how to complete everything that needs to be done. I also believe that it is important to teach children flexibility and that not everything goes the way we had planned. Teach children it is okay to need extra time or to change their original plan. Which scheduling method do you use in your homeschool?

Link to “Our Homeschool Schedule”:

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