5 MORE Tips To Help Save You Money While Homeschooling

Homeschooling expenses can add up if you’re not sticking to a budget. Here are five more tips to help save you money.

  1. Order a teacher ID through https://hslda.org when you sign up for their membership and use the ID to get discounts on museums, office supplies, and more.
  2. See what homeschool events are near you and what they offer. Many libraries or groups offer events for homeschoolers during the day for free or low cost.
  3. Check if your state offers co-ops that cover the cost of curriculum or activities. 
  4. Save curriculum that is useable for siblings or find a curriculum that is meant to be used multiple times throughout a period of time. All About Reading teacher guide and manipulative pieces are reusable. All you need to buy to complete the curriculum is the student work book for each child.
  5. Use the library and see if they carry any of the books you need for any units you are creating or using. Depending on your local library this could save hundreds of dollars each year. If your library is not fully stocked, look at thriftbooks.com or amazon used to find books cheaper.

What saving tips do you have? How do you save money while homeschooling?

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