Snack Ideas While Homeschooling 

Grocery costs are on the rise with inflation and having kids home more frequently can make food add up quickly. One time I calculated how many snacks we go through in a month and we go through four hundred snacks. That is two snacks a day for four kids and some snacks for the adults. That adds up to a lot of money without a plan in place especially when adding in daily lunch as well. Here are some quick snack we use to help stretch our budget.

  1. Popcorn is a cheap and easy snack. One bag of popcorn or making popcorn on the stove can be split between multiple kids. It costs roughly six dollars for a twenty-four pack of popcorn from Walmart which makes it fifty cents for one snack for a group of four kids.
  2. Buying bulk cheese sticks can be a filling and healthy snack when paired with a piece of fruit. 
  3. Ants on a log is a filling snack which can be an educational tool as well. Putting peanut butter on celery helps with motor skills and putting raisons on the log helps with counting. 
  4. Instead of buying lunchables we make our own. Buying the ingredients in bulk can help reduce the cost significantly. It costs us three dollars for bite size tortilla chips and salsa at our local grocery store which will make each meal under fifty cents. Add in some fruit and its an easy cheap filling snack that kids love.

What cheap snack is your kids favorite? Do you have any snack ideas that help stretch your budget?

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