How I Organize A New Unit Study: All About Feelings

I am currently creating a new unit study for April. The unit study we are talking about is “feelings”. I am using recourses from, social stories, and activity pages from “The Little Spot” Educator guide. I am creating this unit study for two of my kids and here is how I organize it, so I can use it for future kids as well. I start out with a folder that allows me to add in dividers. I add three dividers to my folder which is where I will add my duplicate copies of activities for future use. I label the first divider “General feelings” which is where I will add non specific feeling activities. I will add about me pages, what I love about myself, arts and crafts, etc. For the second divider I will label it, “Positive feelings” which includes happiness, confidence, love, etc and add specific activities that go with them. An example of this is for love, I have an activity where kids write on a flower everything they love. For my last divider, I will label it, “Negative feelings” which includes anger, sadness, anxiety, etc and will add specific activities for them. An example of this is for anger, I have a page about where a child will talk about what pushes their angry button. The reason why I do it this way is so I can use these pages again in the future and it is already organized. At the very front of the first divider, I have a sheet that is labeled social stories. Which is where I write all the stories I am using for this specific unit and I have space to add more titles in the future. For my kids that are currently going to be using this unit, I already have the activities organized and ready to go. I put them in packets and then put each packet on their own side in the folder. This makes my month less hectic since I have minimal planning unless I want to add an activity or book. To help plan these unit studies, I plan them about a week in advance from when I am going to start them unless I am using that unit study as our main work. If I am using a unit study as our main work, I will prepare everything earlier. Do you use unit studies and how do you organize them?

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