EGGtastic Games For Easter

Some of my favorite public school memories is during the holiday season. Easter is quickly approaching and here are five activities you can use to brighten up your homeschool day in an EGGtastic way.

  1. Hide sight words in easter eggs and hide them for your child to find. I know personally some of my kids get burned out with repetition of sight words, but turning the words into an easter egg hunt brings back the excitement. 

2. Practice writing skills by writing a letter to the Easter Bunny and leave it out the night before Easter with a few carrots.  

3. Write on the plastic eggs a word to help a child break apart sounds and put words together. This is fantastic way to help a child learn how to spell and read. One half of the egg can have a “C” and the other half of the egg can have “at,” put it together to spell “cat.”

4. Use plastic eggs during math to help with equations. Three blue eggs plus two blue eggs is how many blue eggs? 

5. Put twelve plastic eggs in an egg carton and each egg can have a certain amount of cents in it. Have one egg have five pennies, another can have one dime and two pennies, etc., Have the child crack an egg and count how much money is in each egg. This game helps kids learn money sense in an entertaining way. 

What games are your favorite? What activities do you have planned for Easter? I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday. Happy Easter!

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