Saying Yes To The Mess

One of the hardest things I find while homeschooling is the mess. My house is borderline “Pinterest Mom” where everything has to be organized and neat. Mess gives me anxiety and that everything is out of control. Many days I say no to painting, markers, or crazy science experiments (besides during art or science time) because I do not want to deal with the mess. I have young children who prefer to color on themselves or walls instead of the paper. We may have a few kid inspired Picassos on our walls scattered throughout the house. Does this sound like you? That is okay, there is nothing wrong with the way you homeschool or run your household. Would you like the ability to say yes more often? Here are some items I use to keep the kids busy and messy, but the ability to clean up afterwards is easy. On Amazon I ordered a dinosaur egg kit with twelve dinosaurs and it came with six different tools to help kids “find the dinosaurs.” The egg was made out of sand which was easy to break, but dissolved with water. The kids had hours of fun being paleontologists and the clean up was simple. We also use reusable stickers for many of our projects which helps eliminate stickers ending up stuck to the floor or on other pieces of furniture. We do many messy activities outside if possible which helps reduce the clean up time afterwards. Look at reusable items if possible for any activity. An example of this is during the summer months we use reusable water balloons. All we need to do is put the cloth balloons in the wash instead of cleaning up balloons all over the yard. It’s one of my kids favorite activities during the summer. 

Do you have any tips to help reduce the mess? What is one of your kids favorite “messy” activities? 

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