Motherhood and Reading

April TBR

When I first became a mother, my time for reading was reduced significantly. Now that I have four kids, my time for reading looks different. I read outside while the kids explore and my taste in books have changed over the years. I now read many self help books and books that impact my life currently. On my nightstand right now I have books about homesteading, happiness, a few medical textbooks, and two new books that I am adding to my April TBR. The two books I am hoping to finish in April are “The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business” by Ameé Quiriconi  and “Getting Good with Money” by Jessi Fearon. Financial security and investments have been on my radar for a long time now and it is something I work towards daily. Books can say a lot about what a person is thinking, going through, or striving towards. Personally my TBR pile would scream financial security, growing as a person, and quite a few books on woman’s health. What does your TBR (to be read) pile look like? What goals do you have for April? 


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