Handwriting Without Tears Review

The saying, “Every curriculum works different for each child” has been true for our handwriting choice. I currently have two children using Handwriting Without Tears, one is using the Kindergarten book and the other is using the First Grade book. For my kindergartner, Handwriting Without Tears has been a good fit. He is more artistically inclined and able to duplicate a photo or word when looking at it. An example is the curriculum, will have the word “cow” and a line underneath and they will want the child to write, “cow” on the line. My kindergartener can easily write the word neatly and has little difficultly. The curriculum is a good fit for him since he does not struggle and his writing skills have improved over time using this method. On the other hand, my first grader is really struggling with this method. He has used a few different curriculums in the past and has flourished. I wanted to try Handwriting Without Tears because it came with his Bookshark items. My first grader has hand muscle issues and writing is not his strong suit. Looking at a word and then duplicating it is something he is unable to do neatly. The student book does not teach a child how to properly form their letters besides the visual representation and parent involvement. There is no tracing like other curriculum choices we have used in the past. I do not think Handwriting Without Tears is a good fit for a child who struggles with writing if it’s due to muscle or visual issue. I would recommend this curriculum to a family who has a child or children who are more artistically inclined and enjoy writing. Personally for our family, we will be going back to The Good and The Beautiful handwriting. My review for that curriculum is here: https://homeschoolingonahomestead.com/2022/02/08/tgtb-handwriting-review/

What handwriting curriculum do you use? Have you used The Good and The Beautiful or Handwriting Without Tears writing curriculum? What did you think? 

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