Hello Spring and Quarter Four

This school year went by fast and I cannot believe we are already entering Quarter Four. We are about to enter month three of Bookshark Level A, we finished our feelings unit, started Gather Round Living Off The Land, and half way through Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and going through our other curriculum. My goal to finish up the rest of the school year by completing Living Off The Land, wrapping up some of our language art choices, focus on handwriting, continue Bookshark Level A, and preparing for summer. How can preparing for summer be educational? I will explain, we live in a farmhouse with a decent amount of land that used to be a functioning farm. Our land is currently a fruit farm, but we have plans to add animals and expand our gardening choices. A lot of the land needs TLC to become a functioning homestead again. We will be teaching our kids how to transfer plants, when to water your plants, how to grow potatoes (for Gather Round Living Off The Land), calculate how much wood we will need for 2023 winter, etc. Quarter four will be using a lot of math and organizational skills. We will be having them create a time line of when plants need to be watered, when we need to make sure all the wood is cut and so fourth. I believe organization skills can be transferred to other subjects that will help us this summer/next school year when we move into more complex thinking. I want my kids to enjoy their end of the school year while learning life skills and their work load seeming lighter. The reason we lighten up our Quarter Four in our school year instead of summer time is because end of spring is our busiest season. We want to clear our land, put in fencing, fix the chicken coop, and other big plans before summer starts. Our Quarter Four might look different then yours and that is okay! Remember, every season theres a different pace and homeschooling is not supposed to make your life stressful. Homeschooling is supposed to make your life freeing. How is your Quarter Four looking? Is it chaos or are you wrapping up the school year and you feel summer approaching? I hope at the end of the day, you are proud of everything you have accomplished. Happy Spring! 

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