Confessions From A Homeschool Mom

There has always been a gap between homeschool families and families who send their kid to school. Many families who send their kids to school, look at homeschool families and say, “I could never homeschool.” Many homeschool families wonder why people would send their kids to school. But, at the end of the day we are all parents. We all deal with the same tasks like prepping meals, organizing extra curricular activities, social events, etc. If you are wondering what it is like to be a homeschooling mom, I have five confessions to share with you.

  1. Not every single day goes as planned. We wake up with great intentions and picture our kids sitting around a table ready to learn. Honestly though, some days kids want nothing to do with math or history. They will complain while writing an essay or learning how to spell words. Those days we normally will take a day off and go explore outside.
  2. We do need breaks from our kids like everyone else. It is human nature and healthy to have separation from our kids. Even though we teach our kids and are with them more frequently than someone who sends their kid to school, we are not with them all the time. I personally have designated times in our schedule where I am able to get a break and in my household we call it “quiet time.” 
  3. I do not have it all together every single day. While I am writing this article, I am currently in my pjs next to cold coffee while my kids are playing. It’s nearly 10 am on a Saturday and I know I have a list of tasks that need to be complete. I wish I was the mom who could be ready to go by 7 am and my kids school work is already looked over. Instead I will probably be reviewing Gather Round Living Off The Land lessons after my kids go to sleep. As Type A as I am, there are times where I still get behind. That is okay and happens to everyone in life.
  4. I do not love every single piece of curriculum that we use and neither do my kids. I tried to read aloud “Winnie the Pooh” and my oldest son hated it. He could not get into it and after a few chapters, I put the book away. I will try again in a few months or next year. It’s not a big deal and I will find a different book that peaks all my kids interest. I want to make learning engaging and fun, not something my kids don’t enjoy.
  5. There are days where I wonder what it would be like if I stopped homeschooling. Two of my kids are special needs and trying to teach a non verbal child his colors can be difficult. I sometimes get burnt out and that feeling is normal. Just because we love to homeschool does not mean we enjoy every single minute. What motivates me is seeing my child accomplish a task that used to be difficult for him or her. A year ago my child could not draw a circle or any single shape. Now he is able to write sentences and can draw basic pictures. It took a lot of work to get where he is today and there were many days I was questioning my ability to teach him since he was “behind”. I am so glad to know my “why” on why we homeschool and to see that it is worth it to my family. 

I know these confessions are nothing ground breaking, but many homeschooling families have had these thoughts at one point or another. We are not a magical human being who can do it all, instead we are a mom or dad who is teaching their child(ren) in ways that fit their family and values. What confessions do you have as a homeschooling parent? What questions do you have for a homeschooling mom or dad? Leave your comments below.

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