Snack Crate Review

While we approach summer I am trying to find unique ways to add fun into our homeschool day. I was looking at subscription boxes and came across Snack Crate. They currently have a promo where you can get your first box for $5 and my box came quickly. I ordered my box on a Friday and it arrived three days later.  I picked the mystery box since I wanted it to be a surprise. We received the “Caribbean Box” which had 13 snacks. There was a mix of chips, cookies, chocolate, and candy. My kids loved the box and tried many of the snacks the first day. We looked up where the Caribbean is and my oldest son became curious about what animals live in the Caribbean Sea. We still have half the box left which we will be eating through out May as a fun treat. I enjoyed Snack Crate since my kids got to try new snacks that we cannot get in our local area and learned about a new area in the world. I recommend trying out Snack Crate at least once. What subscription boxes have you tried with your kids? 

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

The snacks in our box

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