Three MORE Ways To Save Money

Homeschool supplies can add up fast if you want extra items like games, speciality themed toys for a unit, etc. To help reduce the cost of homeschooling, I am always on the lookout for a good deal. Here are my top three places I go to find discounted or cheaper items to fill my homeschool. 

  1. Target Bullseye Playground: My family are huge target fans and we love their Bullseye Playground. I find puzzles, speciality platters, books, toys, etc in there for less than five dollars. Many of the items are only one or three dollars. Recently I found building manipulative pieces for one dollar and a United States platter for five dollars. The selection changes frequently. On occasion Bullseye Playground items can be found at and bought in larger quantities. 
  2. School books, read aloud books, and reference books can add up fast. It’s why I like to go to first before buying any books and see if I can order the books secondhand for a discounted price. Thriftbooks has a loyalty program and has coupons frequently. Their loyalty program is also fantastic and gives you the ability to earn a free book. 
  3. Amazon Warehouse: When shopping on Amazon, I always check to see if they have the item used for a discounted price. I have been able to score books for less than five dollars, games for a discount, play dough sets for a cheaper price, etc. Amazon will also let you know the condition of the item and you will know if it is a good fit for your family. 

What places do you shop at to help reduce your homeschool costs? Have you used any of the places above to help reduce the cost?

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