The Good and The Beautiful FREE Summer Program

The Good and The Beautiful Level K/1st Summer Reading Book

The Good and The Beautiful are offering their FREE summer reading program again. There are four levels to choose from. The first level is for Kindergarten and First Grade and the second level is for Second and Third Grade. The third level book is for Fourth through Sixth Grade. The last level book is for Seventh Grade and up. These books will release on May 17, 2022 and you can sign up for text alerts. To get information for text alerts and where to buy the books go to:

What comes with the summer reading program? 

Each pack contains an age appropriate wholesome book, reading chart, sticker sheet, and 2 bookmarks. 

Is the program really free? 

Yes, the books and items are free; all you need to pay for is shipping. I paid $2.98 in shipping for two copies of the Kindergarten and First Grade level. This would be a great time to add other subjects to your cart as well since you would only be paying shipping once. 

What makes The Good and The Beautiful Program great? 

The Good and The Beautiful really is beautiful. They put so much thought in their artwork and what message they portray. The company really wants to portray language and life in a simple positive way. They teach about respect, being honest, growth, and so much more. Their books are colorful and capture kids attention. See the photo below to see a page of how beautiful the artwork is. My children were so excited when their box came in the mail.

If you are looking for a reading program that is free, easy to understand, engaging to kids, and wholesome; I highly suggest checking out The Good and The Beautiful. What reading program are you doing this summer? Are you going to try out The Good and The Beautiful reading program?

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.*

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