Warm Weather and Finishing Up The School Year

Summer is approaching which means school will be finished for many children. As we approach the last month of school, parents and kids motivation will start to dwindle. Personally for us, we homeschool all year round. Does that mean we don’t have the same feelings as many families as the weather warms up? Nope! We see the nice weather and also want to put our work away. Here is how we finish our work while battling the summer jitters: 

  1. Spend time outside in the morning and complete our work at night. Many days we will spend hours outside or go to the beach and complete our work before dinner. We will do this when our workload is light and not many subjects need to be covered.
  2. Complete all work in the morning before going outside. I know for some kids, getting themselves tired and then doing work isn’t feasible. When we have a lot of work that needs to be completed, we will homeschool first and then spend all day outside. 
  3. Read a book outside. While my kids are playing outside, many days I will bring our current read aloud book and read it. This keeps my younger kids busy and my older kids can listen.
  4. Turn math into an outside game. When practicing math, addition and subtraction can be turned into an outdoor game. Taking water balloons and laying them out on the ground can be turned into a game that helps you cool down. Lay out six balloons and add three balloons is nine balloons. Jump on two balloons and it leaves seven balloons. Keep doing this over and over again with different math problems. 
  5. Reduce your expectations. Remember in public school only 80% of the work is completed. For our family if we complete four Bookshark lessons and one Gather Round lesson for the week, I am content during this season. All our other work will be completed overtime. There’s no rush to finish everything and lets us enjoy other activities. 

What do you do as the weather gets warmer? When is your school year finished? Enjoy the sun everyone!

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