Alternatives To Busy Work

As many people are wrapping up the 2021-2022 school year, you might finish subjects earlier than planned. What if you don’t want to start a new curriculum, but want to keep your kids busy for the last six weeks? If your child has any state testing approaching, I would review for the last six weeks including doing a practice test. I would look at your local district and state regulations and see what is required for your child’s grade. If there are no testing or any last minute loose ends that need to be completed; I would finish the work that you have left and end the school year early. I personally say no to unneeded busy work unless it has intention to better the child academically. Busy work is a tough topic since many people have different opinions. Some families love busy work since it imitates public school and other families don’t use it all. Is busy work needed? No! There is no reason to do extra work that is mundane and repetitive. For some children it can create boredom or frustration in a subject since it doesn’t strengthen their knowledge. What are the alternatives to keep a child busy if it isn’t busy work? 

  1. Create an end of the year project.

Have your child pick their favorite topic they learned this year and have them create a project? For human body, they could create a life size body and label all the parts. Another example is if their favorite topic was the Periodic table, they could create cupcakes with each element labeled. They would be baking 118 cupcakes and labeling each one.

2. Plan a field trip

Field trips are a great way to get out of the house and still actively learn. Since public or private school is still in session, places will be emptier than if it was the middle of the summer. This is a perfect time to explore a museum and see what peaks your Childs interest.

3. Ask your child what they want to learn.

Every child has a passion about a subject and wants to learn more. If your child wants to learn more about a specific topic, you can create a miniature unit study. Many unit studies take less than a month. Bookshark has a FREE unit study on “Government” and “Weather.” Gather Round has tons of unit studies that take less than six weeks including “Birds”, “Africa”, “Transportation”, and other topics. The Good and The Beautiful also have unit studies and some are free which change periodically. I would check their website for which subjects and units are free and which are not. I have used all these companies and they create fantastic curriculum. You can also create unit studies from Teachers Pay Teachers and many of the recourses are free. I do have a post on how I create my unit studies. Click here for more information.

Did you end the school year early? What is your opinion on busy work? I hope everyone is having a great week. 

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