Homeschooling Special Need’s Children

One of the reasons we started homeschooling is because my oldest is special needs. I now have four children and two of my kids are special needs. My oldest has Autism and my other son is non verbal. Even though we homeschool, special needs children can still receive an IEP and services. Both of my children receive services through our local district. With our current district they haven’t had any issues with us being homeschoolers. If you are trying to get your children services and the district is giving you push back due to homeschooling; I highly recommend contacting, They will be able to help you navigate your specific state and can help you find the information you are looking for. 

Another benefit for homeschooling children with special needs is being able to adjust the curriculum for them. Grades are a superficial marking for homeschoolers. Your child may be in “first grade”, but doing work that is either above that grade level or below that grade level. The work is at the right pace for them and keeps them motivated to learn. 

Also, with homeschooling you will be able to take breaks when needed and there will be no repercussions. Some of my kids need to run off all their energy before sitting down to learn which isn’t possible in another setting. If one of my children gets frustrated with a certain topic or skill, we will take a break for the day. If it is a reoccurring issue, it is okay to find someone else to teach your children in that area. There are many co-ops, forest schools, tutors, etc. Homeschooling does not need to be taught 100% by you. For our family personally, their dad teaches them life skills and our safety unit. We also have specialized teachers who help my kids with certain skills. I teach everything else unless I request otherwise. This makes everything easier for me since I don’t have to worry about the difficulties my kids would face in public school. Overall there are many benefits for homeschooling special needs children and I am thankful I have the ability to do so.

If you could ask any question to a parent who homeschools, what would it be?

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