To The Mom Who Isn’t Looking Forward To Summer Break…

I see you and It’s okay. I see the moms who are frantically posting on Facebook, “How do I feed all of my kids during the break” or “Anyone not looking forward to break?”  For many families, summer break is stressful.

 -For working families, your kids have to be sent to a program which can be expensive and not all kids adapt to change well.

 -For lower class families, many kids relied on the school to feed them during the day and break can cause food insecurity. 

-For families with special needs, many programs end during the summer. I know where I live once a child reaches school age, services do not typically continue during the summer and it will resume in the fall. It leaves families with a tough choice of paying out of pocket or going without for a few months. Many children struggle with going from a big support system to a smaller support system.

There are many different type of families than the ones above and summer break impacts each one differently. I want everyone to remember that when they see a mom who is not looking forward to break, instead of judging them find a way to help. Everyone needs a support system and it takes one person to make a difference.

If you and your family is facing food insecurity or need any recourses, please call: 211

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