Less is More: Toys Edition

I have four kids under six which means we used to have a lot of toys. Toys would stress my kids out and they wouldn’t play with most of them. We did a huge overhaul on toys in the past six months and now my kids have a Barbie house, 2 Nugget couches, and 2 laundry baskets full of toys. They have barbie dolls, baby dolls, dinosaurs, action figures, cars, Lego, and Magna-Tiles. It takes my kids less than 20 minutes to clean up everything and there is no more tears. I really believe less toys means more creativity. 

This morning my kids were racing cars all around the house and having a blast. I have seen them use their imagination more since they don’t have toys that tell them what to do. I also have a rule that if they start telling me that they have “too many toys” we will go through them and donate some.

Since we have donated about 70% of our toys in the past six months, it has made planning for birthdays and Christmas easier. We now buy play dough, paint, coloring books, lego, Magna-Tile kits and anything they can add onto their collection. We rarely buy the latest and hottest toy unless its something my kids really want. It has been amazing to see that less is truly more when it comes to “things” and next we will be going through my kids clothes. 

Are you team less toys or team more toys?

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