Homeschooling and IEP Plans

Did you know you can homeschool and your child can still receive services through the district? If your child needs speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc it is possible for the district to still cover it. Depending on the district, the child either goes to the school for services or it services can be completed via zoom. 

How does my child become qualified for services?

Your child needs to complete testing to see if he/she qualifies for any services. After the testing, there is a meeting to see what the district can offer. You can request an advocate to go with you to make sure you are heard. 

If I don’t agree with the meeting, can I appeal?

Yes, you can appeal if you don’t agree and request an advocate to help.

Can the school deny me services if I homeschool?

No, it is extremely illegal for a school to deny services because you homeschool. If that happens to you, please contact a lawyer. You can find a lawyer that specializes in homeschooling for your state here

If my child receives services through the district, can they tell me what to teach my child? 

No, a district cannot tell you what to teach your child outside of your states laws. You can still choose which curriculum you want to use. You can also still unschool with an IEP.

Do you have any advice for a homeschooling family that needs an IEP for their child? Have you had any issues obtaining services for your child?

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