Let’s Talk About Sensory

Sensory toys, I am sure many of you have seen them. The Instagram worthy pictures of sensory rooms and sensory toys. The sensory bins with children having a blast. Sensory bins look like so much fun, but creating them can seem like another task in your already busy day. What if I told you, there is a company that creates sensory bins ready to purchase? I want to thank Simply Sensory For Kids letting me test out their product, so I can share it with you. Simply Sensory For Kids sent me their Dino Dig kit and my kids had a blast. The kit comes with an egg that has a dinosaur in it, a bar with a dinosaur in it, slime with a dinosaur, kinetic sand, and various tools. The tools are used to break apart the dinosaur egg and bar. 

I started my kids with the dinosaur egg and it took them the longest to break apart. The dinosaur inside is roughly the size of the egg and my kids were impressed. It took them about thirty minutes which is great for four young kids. The bar took my kids less than ten minutes and they loved the piece of “gold” they found and the dinosaur. The slime was a hit with my youngest and she enjoyed pulling the dinosaur out. My youngest son enjoyed the kinetic sand and loved rebuilding “land” for his dinosaur. 

Overall, my kids loved this activity and thought it was amazing. They keep asking for more kits and enjoyed putting the dinosaurs they found with the rest of their dinosaur collection. If you are interested in a fun summer activity, click here to purchase a kit and click here to see their Facebook group. When purchasing a kit you are supporting a small business that is run by a mother. Thank you again Simply Sensory For Kids sending me the product to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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