Living Off The Land Review

Living Off The Land by Gather Round is a unit filled with information. We started this unit in early May and finished quicker than we planned. We put Bookshark on hold for a few weeks, so we could focus on Gather Round. The unit starts off with preparing for the journey and continues learning about preparing the land, building the cabin, food, and more. This unit would pair perfectly with ‘Little House On The Prairie”. 

When we first started this unit, we planted potatoes. Our potatoes have grown quite a bit in the past month and my kids have enjoyed watching them grow. We also built log cabins through out the unit to keep my kids busy while I read to them. The reading took about twenty minutes and wasn’t complex. My kids student notebooks were Pre Reader and Early Reader level. Pre reader was a bit too simple for my five year old Kindergartner and I printed off some Early Reader pages for him. The Early Reader level has a lot of spelling pages and there was a few pages that all the levels had which made learning together easy. The only complaint my six year old had was the amount of writing he had to do. 

Living Off The Land is a great unit to complete in early spring and has many field trips that would go great with it. I would research virtual field trips about the trails or see if there is any in person events where you live.

Virtual Field Trips for Living Off The Land:

  1. Roper Mountain Science: Oregon Trail Virtual Field Trip
  2. Wyoming State Museum Virtual Field Trip
  3. Fort Walla Walla Museum Virtual Tour

Does Living Off The Land sound interesting to you? Growing potatoes, making homemade butter, building small log cabins, etc is a great way to break up the school year. To purchase Living Off The Land by Gather Round, click here. We purchased the Family Bundle for $54.95 which comes with the teachers guide and every level of the student workbooks.

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