Selling Our House and Moving?

It’s been a crazy few weeks and it started out when we decided to move. We love our house here, but it isn’t growing with us. We had dreams to clear the land, have chickens, and so many other plans. But, we also knew it was time to find a house that fit our needs better. Our list was extremely specific from how many rooms, the floors, school district, etc. There were only two houses that met our check list and we are so lucky to be under contract with one. But, with all these last minute major plans; what about homeschooling? Honestly we have become extremely relaxed and that is okay. If reading and writing are completed, all the other subjects can wait. We will pick it back up after we move and our life starts to slow down again. Moving is not the only big change that is happening this summer, but it’s the one I am talking about today. We are hoping these next few months go by fast and there are no hiccups that occur. Do you guys have any crazy unexpected summer plans?

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