Swim Suits & Stretch Marks

It’s 87 degrees outside and you want to go swimming. You look down and see the body that nourished your child for 9 months. Your stomach looks different, not as flat and there are stretch marks all over. You are second guessing about the bikini you bought for the season. You become self conscious and decide to wear something with more coverage. 

I am going to stop you right there and tell you to wear the bikini. Do not hide your new curves or stretch marks. It happens to all mothers, our body changes and that is okay. Embrace that your body grew a child for months or maybe you nursed your child into toddlerhood. It’s okay to not be the same weight you were before a child or have stretch marks. I will be rooting for you when I see you wear the swim suit you picked out. Enjoy the warm weather, go swimming, and soak up the memories. Have a great summer. 

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