Toys In The Classroom

When kids are young, we see them play with toys frequently which encourages them to use their imagination. But, why does it stop when they’re older? In this current generation, many kids outgrow the toy stage faster than past generations. Elementary school children now have cell phones and know about social media and apps. 

I think toys can help with learning. My preschoolers favorite way to learn is through games. He loves dinosaur bingo, matching eggs, using small dinosaurs with math, etc. 

But why is it important? Toys are important because it helps children learn about story telling, how to get along with other children, how to learn about differences, etc. 

Duplo lego can help with spelling since you can write letters on different sides and put them together to spell a word. Wooden figures can be used to learn social skills that are important in every day life. Many toys can be used to teach what floats and sinks. Educational toys can be an amazing asset to the school day and make learning fun.

Most of our school day is used with toys right now. Do you use toys in your school day?

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