Q4, That’s A Wrap

Quarter 4 reports are due in the next week and I am going to be honest; I did not complete everything I wanted to. I could blame it on us trying to move, my kids dad leaving for a year, or anything else that’s going on in life. Honestly? I am burnt out from the school year and I don’t care. I am using this time as “Summer” and I will catch us up after we move. Half of my office is packed away and my other half is disorganized. This is why we homeschool all year round, this period of time is not stressing me out. I am enjoying not having to worry that we missed science because we couldn’t be home due to a house showing. I know it will be finished on time because we have an extra ten weeks that I can use to “catch up”. How is everyone else doing at the end of Q4? Ready for school to be over? Taking a break? 

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