Muddy Faces and Sticky Hands

Dirty floors, muddy faces, and popsicle sticks… this is what Summer is about. My kids run in and out the house to fill up their water toys. The dishes and laundry can wait. They will always be there and small footsteps running around outside only last for a few years. My kids spend majority of the summer this way and I love it. We don’t fill their summer up with activities to rush from place to place. We let them be “bored” and figure out how to entertain themselves. 

I want my kids to entertain themselves and not rely on electronics or activities to keep them happy. I want them to be able to use their imagination and see what they can come up with. Building tanks out of cardboard, dumping rocks from area to another, playing tag, etc. My two year old loves to play tag with her older brothers even though she can only count to three. 

Watching my kids and other kids learn to work together and come up with activities together is a vital skill that they need to learn. Friendship, sticky hands, and muddy faces create memories that will be cherished. If you see one of my kids with mud on their face or hair that can’t be maintained, they have been playing outside for hours. 

What do you do during Summer break? Are you team keep the kids busy or team let them figure it out?

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