Red, White, and Blue? Wear Pink

Happy (late) 4th of July 

This years 4th of July has been controversial. Some people are celebrating, some are not, and some are celebrating by wearing pink. We personally celebrated because my husband is deploying overseas for a year. But, I wish woman were celebrating with more rights. I believe everyone should have the choice on what they do with their pregnancy, even if I personally could never have an abortion. I know because of the recent law changes, many woman are scared to become pregnant and are scared for their daughters. I personally worry for my daughter that by the time she is my age, she will have even less choices than I do now. I worry for my future daughters and I understand they may not follow the same path as I have when it comes to having children. They may be forced to have unwanted pregnancies if they’re unable to make the choices they want to make for themselves. I worry for the young children who live in states where it’s illegal, but are way too young to become mothers. I am hoping regardless of your stance on this topic, that you help protect other woman for their choices. It’s okay if you could never have an abortion, but it’s okay for other woman to have one. I have had many friends who have had one and I stand by them. So today, let’s wear pink and fight for the rights we had not too long ago. 

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