Ziggy Games Review

All About Learning is a company that helps kids learn how to read and spell. Their reading program is great for kids who are dyslexic or struggle with reading. They have five levels from pre level to level 4. Reading Games with Ziggy is part of their level one reading program. It’s a book filled with games that reinforces what children learned in their lessons. The game also comes with a cut out of Ziggy the Zebra and he can participate in the games too. When you first receive the book, you will cut out the game(s) and glue it on a file folder. After all the games are completed, they barely take any space which is perfect for any homeschool room. My kids love these games and we will use the base of some of the games for other subjects as well. I highly recommend picking up Ziggy Games even if you don’t use All About Reading. The games would be perfect for general review as well. To purchase Ziggy Games, click here. Have you heard about All About Learning? 

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