Mystery Of The Missing Peas Review 

Every year The Good And The Beautiful release their “free” summer reading program. This year my old kids and I read Mystery Of The Missing Peas by Tessa Greene. My kids enjoyed that the book was short and words were repetitive which made my oldest feel like he was a strong reader. In the beginning of the book, there’s a page that lists the tricky words which is great to review before you start reading. The book is about two children Billy and Ella and their adventures in their garden. Since this is a mystery type book, my kids enjoyed figuring out why their veggies kept disappearing along side Billy and Ella. I would recommend this book for Kindergarten to Second Grade. Click here to read more about the Good and The Beautiful summer reading program. The only issue my kids had with this book is the type of font since it’s different than their regular books. My kids enjoy Dick & Jane books which have a bigger font. After a few sentences, my kids were able to adapt. Did you participate in a summer reading program?

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