Homestead Update

As promised here’s an update on our homestead. In 2021 we bought a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom farmhouse on nearly 4 acres of land. The house cost us a ton of money in repairs and fixing it up unexpectedly. The house is now great and being left to a family who loves it as much as we do. But why did we leave? There are many reasons between needing more space and my mental health. I went through a lot in the beginning of 2022 and mixing that with a house that needed more work this summer, I knew I had to put myself first. Which is what I did. We bought house number two which we love just as much. We are roughly ten minutes away from our farmhouse and our new house is 2.5x bigger. Space wise it works and everyone is less cramped. We also are going to be getting a dog in the near future. This ended up being a great move for our family. But what happened to the homestead? We are doing a rent to own with another family, so long term they will call the house theirs. We are excited because they will get to enjoy all the work we’ve completed and start making it their own. Our new house also has a decent amount of land where we can homestead here too. We plan on adding fences and planting vegetables next year. We are also in the process of figuring out how our pool functions. I hope you enjoy this new adventure with us as we homestead at our new house. 

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